Error Codes

September 29, 2016

Recovery Mode for FD40 and FED40

This mode is designed to recover the PCM (Power Train Control Module) in the event that installation of a tune fails and leaves the PCM blank with the vehicle in a “No Start” condition, i.e. If there is any kind of interruption during programing, such as:  the tuner disconnected, the key turned OFF, or most importantly, the power voltage drops or spikes from headlights being on during programming, or another device is connected to the vehicle.  If the programmer cannot connect to the PCM with the key ON and the engine OFF, then it will ask if you want to do a special recovery, after pressing YES, when it asks you to turn the key on repeatedly.  If the engine is in a No Start condition, then proceed.  If the engine will start, then disconnect the tuner and try again with the key ON, engine OFF before connecting the programmer.

August 31, 2016

Error Code 135

One of the most common error codes that our customers come across is error code 135, which simply means the tuner failed to connect with the truck. The 135 code is an easy fix if you know the right steps to correct it. If the programmer is still connected to the truck, remove it, as long as the "yes, no" lights are NOT flashing. (If they are flashing, contact Sam at, or if one or the other or both lights are on but not flashing, proceed as follows.) Turn the key on with the engine off. Make sure anything on the dash that can draw power is turned off: heating/AC, headlights, radio, etc. Also,anything plugged into the cigarette lighter needs to be removed. After everything is off, plug the programmer into the OBD-II port and follow the voice prompts according to the installation process.

Error Code 139

Another common error code  our customers deal with is error code 139, which is basically a recovery failure.  The first question is: will the engine start? If it doesn't start, then follow the same procedure as error code 135.  When you hear the prompt "Turn the key ON, engine OFF," select "YES."  Follow the prompts through, doing the emergency recovery.  After this procedure, while the engine is running, it's OK to start the "delete installation."

DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) P041D

Remove temperature sensor from the EGR ( Exhaust Gas Recirculate) cooler.  To protect the sensor, wrap with electrical tape or insulate.  Plug the temperature sensor back into the harness and secure it.   


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