I purchased a Gear Box Z electron and Ford 4.0+ programmer and it worked great.  As soon as I had a problem with it and needed help I called Tech Support and the woman was extremely helpful.  They stand behind their product 100%. It is good to know that when you purchase a product from this company they back it up.  I will continue to use Gear Box Z products and would recommend this company to anyone I know.  I want others to know how great this company is.    



I'm getting nearly 10 mpg more on my 6.4L power stroke with the 70 hp tune which btw is amazing!  The truck has a crazy amount of power as well.

Wasn't sure about this tuner because of the price being so low compared to H&S and SCT tuners, but I decided to give if a try... it installs very easily, just plug it into OBDII port and it goes through the tuning and tells you when to unplug it. I installed dpf and cat delete pipes and egr delete kit and no codes. Runs much stronger and around 3 mpg better. I have the no hp gain tuner. You can feel the engine runs much freer. A good little tuner for the price

All I can say is "incredible!" There are very few instances when a company stands behind their product with such conviction as you have demonstrated. In less than 24 hours after my conversation with your technical representative, my new DD30 arrived, is installed, and my truck is running correctly again. Thank you!
Last year I referred your product to an associate of mine who owns the same make and model year as I do, and he purchased the DD30, he experienced the same results. I will continue to maintain my loyal service and refer your company to my friends for tuners, exhaust systems, and vehicle electronics.

4 weeks ago I installed the Gear Box Z 4.0+ economy tune program with the DPF, EGR and CAT delete. 
I have more power than I ever could imagine. The truck runs better than ever and sounds like a turbine jet at the exhaust.
So far no problems with codes and I have put about 500 miles on her. Now I really love my truck. I cannot wait to try towing or taking to the mountains. I recommend the Gear Box Z to anyone who wants more power and does not want to add a tuner. After you program the truck you put the programmer in the glove box and save it to diagnose trouble if you have any. I do not so far.
I've been running the Gear Box Z DPF delete for about 5 months now and I am totally pleased with it.
No issues at all. I do have 37's... Noticeable HP gains though. I went with a 5" straight pipe setup and like the jet engine sound.
I was skeptical about it at first, took the leap of faith and it didn't let me down. Great tuner if not looking for insane HP gains and just want to get rid of the DPF.
I had the Gear Box Z DPF-R+ installed for more than 2 years and I was totally satisfied with it. Sold it to a friend when I bought the H&S and he is very pleased with it.
I really miss how touchy the fuel pedal was with the DPF-R+ compared to any of the H&S settings. I always monitored the truck and never did, the boost or the temperature readings crossed above the safe thresholds It is very reliable product and not aggressive. 
An additional observation, in daily driving, the DPF-R+ tends to smoke a little more in the lower RPMs than the H&S with the latest updates.
The programming is easy. Just do what it says. Plug & play... Love the DPF-R+ with Diamond Eye DPF delete pipe...Great pick. 

This weekend I installed Gear Box Z DPF-R+ and 4" straight pipe. So far, so good. Could'nt be more satisfied for my needs.