The New Electron Tuner


The New Electron Tuner from Gear Box Z Inc.

Gauge Design Software.

The Electron tuner is Gear Box Z Inc. latest release in the KOR series of tuning options. Easily updated to the last options and enhancements. 

What is the Electron made of?

  • At the heart of the Electron is the very latest in ARM Processor technology. 
  • Full Color 3.5" touch screen.
  • Removable and easy to use cable for connecting to the OBD port.
  • Analog inputs and Digital outputs.
  • Vibrate motor for tactical feed back.
  • Audio with digital volume control.
  • Ambient light sensor for controlling brightness in the day and night.
  • Micro SDcard for storing a large amount of info.
  • Slick design easily mounted in your vehicle using hundreds of different mounting options.
  • Very easy to use menu system. Making everything only a few clicks away.

What does the Electron do?

  • Gauges that display MPH,MIL Light, Active Diagnotic Trouble Codes, Exhaust Temp., Battery Voltage, and Engine Oil Temp or what ever ones you customize in.
  • Full Diagnostics Trouble Code (DTCs) function. Read codes and get full description of the code. Clear all codes.
  • Choose from lots of different tuning options.   
  • Tunes that have been installed with the electron or from one of our older products. Adjust things like MPH limiter, Cold Air Intake (CAI) and Tire Size.
  • Future updates, more Gauges, Test tools, Power Balance testing, Controlling external devices, like water injection systems triggered from any gauge, and much more....

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